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Banquet of the Beasts is an eco-thriller about the nature of power and the power of nature. Set on Scotland’s West Coast, it’s a darkly funny tale of food, love and resistance. Of running away and becoming something different.
Monday 8th April 2013, the day they told us that Margaret Thatcher had died. The same day a covert animal research laboratory is deliberately burnt down. There are just four survivors from the fire: Marek Dogovsky a badger who knows no fear, Logan the poet fox, a starling named Raven who can hear voices and Walinska the weasel. 
On the same day as Thatcher’s funeral, the mysterious Lynton Chilcoat launches a national chain of Nobler Age Foodbanks. It’s all part of a plan so grotesque, that it will take someone – or something – special to stop him
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